Heart Break

Acrylic on Canvas, June 2017

4″(W) x 6″(H)


Heart- break almost feels like dying. Almost all of us experience it before our 30th birthday at least once. Yes, we are reborn, but what we become after rebirth is subjective. Some people overcome the wounds of crushed heart like in the painting. Eventually these wounds heal and make you confident to fly without hurting others.

Hand is open indicating you have let go of the painful past and now ready for yet another beginning. And then there are some other people who hold their hearts tightly never to release, crushing its wings. They squeeze it so much without realizing that they are harming themselves. People who have hurt them have long gone and it is only their heart in their hands.

We hope them to realize this and let go but it’s all up to them. No-one can make decisions for others.

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