About me:

Being a prolific artist since the age of 12, my work has achieved professional fluency. I was born in the greenest part of Maharashtra called Vidarbh, in India. Versed in sketching, poetry, history, Sanskrit and above all- Painting, I am self-taught through keen observation of my surroundings, mountains & forests. My work is deeply infused in spiritual factors and can be categorised in four styles- Surrealism, Expressionism, Abstract and Modernism.

Hi, I am Manali!

Adventurer. Painter. Storyteller

Individual’s spiritual exploration is necessity of today’s stressed-out world. I aim to provide a peaceful and salubrious experience through my art.

What inspires me?

Travel experiences, reading and interaction with ancient artefacts renews me constantly to think extraordinary art ideas. I always plan to travel countries in their off season, besides it being cheaper, you also get to experience people living in their extreme weathers. 
These experiences contribute to my unique ideas and color combination used for that country’s series. Variety of rain patterns can be seen in Cambodia series as I visited there in monsoon. Fall & winter dry colors can be seen in Italy series.

Besides travelling I feel inspired by nature and philosophical ideas. Initially my journey in painting started with observing various elements of cosmos around me and then painting them. In my college years my obsession revolved around meditative ideas. I was accidently introduced to Mandalas.
Though Mandalas have gained lot of publicity in recent years, people fail to understand its meditative side. Drawing a single line from one point to another with focused thought or without any thought is the key concept behind painting Mandalas.

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