Cambodia is one of those countries which gives you the feel of an ancient age. I usually visit countries in their core weather months. So, I visited Cambodia in the beginning of Monsoon. Rain is the most beautiful phenomenon in South Asia. When rain touches ancient stones, they become alive to tell their stories. Streets become an orchestra of bugs and frogs performing music that you will not hear anywhere else.
Cambodia was a French colony. Long before colonial rule, Khmer civilization had built giant Angkor city occupying 400 sq. km area. People of Khmer presently influenced by French still maintain their intrinsic culture. This rich culture nurtured art. Wats of Cambodia have detailed carvings of flowers and Apsaras. Though they were carved between 9th and 15th century, they still haven’t faded much or lost their beauty. Many Wats are covered in thick green moss or huge trees as a result of abundant rain. Water was essential in ancient Khmer civilization. People fished and farmed rice which was and still is main food in Cambodia. Art was based on kings and their conquests, in which red and blue are always featured colors.
I traveled for a month and found how French culture still influences majorly Cambodian culture. Couple of paintings in this theme have French background story. Through these paintings I am presenting to you highlights of the rain world. They display dark blue color as a main feature. Rain might seem to fall in the same way on the ground, but it doesn’t. You will observe every painting has its own pattern of rainfall. This pattern is also related to perception of the subject in the painting, though it could be a non-living thing. Subject will also tell you the mood of the painting- happy, sad, philosophical. It’s up to you what to feel nostalgic about. Every one of us has memories- good and bad related to rain. These paintings might bring sweet memories or make you question about this mysterious world. You never know one day you might decide to visit Cambodia yourself. If you do, do it in monsoon.

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