Logos is logic or reason given to a particular statement for convincing it to the people. Often it is given from the past references or stories. Here though I aim to present logos from both worlds: past and future. Thoughts when often summoned by our mind turn into habits. Habits when followed loyally becomes behavior. Each person’s behavior is crucial as it can influence many, then this set of behaviors eventually become traditions and customs. Eventually everything concerned with those customs and tradition becomes logical and reasonable. That is how logos get their macro form.

Samkhya Philosophy: It is one of the six schools in Darshanshastra commonly known as Hindu Philosophy. Many of my paintings are based on these ideas. This philosophy was presented in a scientific manner based on six proof providers. Existence of God is not relevant in this philosophy, so was considered atheistic. More information about this can be found in my stories.

Positive or negative vibe: Before you start observing my paintings in this theme, one thing should be noted. I haven’t painted any of them in the light of good or bad, yet they can be perceived by any individual in both ways or one of them. How so you may wonder? According, to the philosophy I follow, I believe definitions of good and bad change when subjected to time and people. Often when painter paints certain subject, he/she leans towards one side, viewer then when perceives the painting, can’t freely built his own perception and catches mostly what is prominently presented. Since I don’t put such condition to myself it is not enforced on the viewer as well. Thus, they can view it in positive or negative vibe.

About characters: My paintings of this theme are based on one or few human beings. Among these beings some are known and others are fictional. They are responsible for creating a particular set of logos. How they are responsible is explained in the paintings respectively. I have used mostly earthy colors often representing opinionated people.
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