Solo traveling has always introduced me to different cultural aspects around the world. I study the country thoroughly before embarking on the plane to the country.  Paintings in this series are based on culture and stories I found during my travels or reading about it.
Travel experiences, reading and interaction with ancient artifacts inspire me constantly to think of extraordinary art ideas. I regularly plan my travel to countries in their off season. Other than being less costly, I get to meet and understand the people who are living in extreme weather conditions.
These experiences contribute to my peculiar ideas and color combinations, applied to specific countries in my Travel Series. Variety of rain patterns can be seen in the Blue Rain: Cambodia series where I visited during the monsoon. Fall & winter dry colors can be seen in the Italy series.

All Other
Blue Rain Cambodia
Abu Simbel
A night at venice
Anatomical Theater, Padua
Jaffa Market
Gate of Masada
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