Cosmos is grand set of everything existing in this world. If we imagine it as an universal tree it can be divided into countless branches. Paintings from these sections have tangent and not tangent subjects. Paintings like Insecurity or Finder’s heaven are based on an idea which can’t be physically accessed but felt instead. Whereas other paintings like Evening Kingfishers, Flowers of Kaas are based on actual physical things.
Common Thought: All the paintings are of one cosmos meaning these are the set of thoughts felt commonly around the world. People have experienced or seen these ideas in some part of their life. I have just packed them in my perception and now reintroducing them in a painting format.
Sizes of these paintings vary, most of them have big sizes. Feel free to request smaller paintings custom-made in bigger sizes. However, it will depend on availability of same materials to make it possible.

Want a custom made painting? You can commission sketches, paintings or completely personalized mandalas.

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