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Traveling is liberating. Who doesn’t like to explore interesting places! Unfortunately not always we can travel specially now since Covid-19. Have a look at what inspired me in different countries in Outlandish cities section. You will find curious stories and tips to visit certain places. Then go over to my Travel series to find art based on these stories. Color themes of my paintings in Travel Series are based on the weather season I visited the country.

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Love maps? Want to organize and keep souvenirs from your travel? Check-out this cool way to make a Map-book. All you will need is a beautiful paper and good stitch technique.
Be inspired by the Map-books I made from my travels!

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Being Unchained: Part 1

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Love is such a tricky topic yet most important in today’s world. It is often misunderstood and miscalculated to do not so nice thing. Key to loving someone else is to firstly accept yourself, Love yourself. Love is never a negative so how can we say we fall in love? Learn about rising in love in this article.
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You never fall in love...

Looking at the eclipses of land
By walking steady feet of mine
Shows the way of unending search
God, you come on finder’s path
Divider’s wealth I do not seek
Fortune real is specialist’s specialty
Reserved fangs of the mortal life,
So beautiful they always seem to be…

Poems are excellent way to relax. Go-through my poems on Love and Philosophy. Opinions are welcomed.


Stories aren’t enough when compared to visual experience. Visit my YouTube channel. I post videos on my travel and spots you would want to know for your upcoming travels. I also post facts about exotic souvenirs and where to buy them.

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