Grey Dog

Acrylic on Canvas, August 2019

11.7″(W) x 18.5″(H)

Travel Series: Blue Rain Cambodia

I always like to plan my journey in advance and as I was traveling to Cambodia for a month, I did plan certain number of days in each city. However, towards end of the journey, I accidentally miscalculated one day. I had taken an overnight bus from Battambang for Kampot (one of the major eastern cities), as I arrived, I realized, I had reservation from next day. Finally, I decided to stay at a small town near the sea called Kep. Small and cozy hotel I was staying in was made out of wood and had old Khmer architecture. They had a restaurant on the first floor from which you could see sea shore across the trees. Owner had this dark gray dog who would sit at the entrance of the restaurant. An outside wooden staircase joined the entrance, so dog sitting at the entrance could see the bottom and wagged his tail whenever his owner passed by downstairs. He was very timid, wouldn’t bark if not needed and I would sit there and observe him missing my own dog back home. Suddenly rain started not heavy but not drizzle either. Dog went and enjoyed. He didn’t actually have a leash so not sure if his owner called him by some name. He came back near me, water dripping from his body, as I was eating and gave me this expression. He probably knew that I knew his language and I was compelled to share. It is amazing how they don’t need to bark but just give a simple look to ask for love.
Raindrop pattern is based on the perception of dog. Dogs are direct in showing appreciation and love like these big droplets. In our life we never require heavy rain but simple and clear drops like these now and then.

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