Sleeping Buddha

Acrylic on Canvas, August 2019

37″(W) x 16″(H)

Travel Series: Blue Rain Cambodia

Just when you think you have seen enough; you discover new something in Cambodia. Near Bayon Temple, there is another huge temple hill called Baphuon. At entering from one side you would feel it’s huge three-tiered layout, originally built as temple of god Shiva. As you climb each tier you could feel constructional changes if you are keen observant. Originally building had certain number of towers and one huge tower in the middle. As it was not built on stable land most of the construction had crumbled before 20th century and rebuilt as jigsaw puzzle in recent years. Middle tower though was purposefully dismantled to build something extraordinary by one of the kings in 15th century converting it into a Buddhist temple.

When I visited, I didn’t feel anything special about it. Felt it was same as other until I exited from the other side of the temple. As you move away from the building a little bit on second tier and accidently turn back to see- it is not just random stones but a huge structure in shape of reclining buddha.

Rain drop pattern is similar to the changes this structure has faced. In present world, rain might seem almost invisible but it is as heavy shower as it always has been since many years. These tiny dots represent the countless collapses and changes in power and religion and how it affected this hill temple.

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