Anatomical Theater, Padua

Acrylic on Canvas, December 2020

14.8″x 21.5″


The Anatomical theater of Padua is the most preserved and among the first to be built in Italy. Very near Venice non-touristy Padua is a magnificent place. It has a famous university where anatomical theater is the main attraction. Professors of this university used to perform dissections privately at their homes. Due increased interest in medical studies, the need for such theater was felt, where professors could perform dissections in front of students. The Seating arrangement is distributed in seven levels. Students can stand and see dissection performed at the bottom from any level.
In this painting, the table has many books with a skeleton of a snake in the shape of Om. The chair beside the table is empty for you. You can sit and ponder over the serious issues of the world here. 

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