Explore Italy: Story of Verona and the Scalinger fort

Verona was described as roadway to Rome. Though it has rough history of battles from roman empire to Venetian rule it is called city of love. Scalingers were one of the rulers who developed the city and also a fortified castle on lake Garda near Verona. Thanks to Pallavi Pathak my friend, she found out this amazing location to visit.

Shakespeare based his famous drama Romeo and Juliet in Verona city. The interesting thing you could do here is to hold the right boob of Juliet’s statue and wish for good luck in Love. There are so many locks, letters, signatures, people have put on nearby walls, makes you wonder for a moment why there is war in the world!

Sight at Verona
Scalinger Fort

Here is a thought which may sound weird: You can love the person who doesn’t love you or who loves you it doesn’t matter because Love is a feeling you have in your heart about yourself, like a light bulb, when lit it spreads everywhere..

Manali Bonde

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