Acrylic on Canvas, October 2017

15″(W) x 19.5″(H)


Insecurity is a sly ghost. You never know when it creeps in. You might be having a good day and going around confidently and then something triggers, you suddenly hit a new low.

Background of the painting is representation of sunny day. Bright red hearts are floating upwards because of our positive attitude and confidence. On the right side is the big blob of dark red heart dripping down forming a puddle of sudden insecurity. Insecurity grows fast and becomes big in no time. Often, we see people with big heart like this but seeping down bad blood.

We can try to find source of this puddle, often it is smallest reason or betrayal in the past. Once we are successful in recognizing it, we also know how to handle it. Our little hearts are little moments of happiness and they should always flow upwards without insecurity.

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