Though never I see the water god
Can I love her today?
Would never hear her heartbeat 
Like when I laid in her warm hug
Would she be still part of my heart?
Feelings would be forbidden now
Of her fingers, her curls in my hand
Still can I be in waiting for her touch?
The way has called with parting roads
Finally she will forget all good of mine
Can I have the guts to accept that?
It will be hard to stop eyes raining
Harder, to be alone amongst all people
Many eyes watching me all the time
Can I have stronger heart to love her?
And I woke up today, dreaming her
Missing her, imagining her everywhere
Understanding the answers already 
Yes I can, always and evermore…

Manali Bonde

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I have an unique eye to see, understand beauty in things around me. I collect lot of stories in my travels around the world , not just that but also I love to tell those stories and curious things. Go through various other articles on the website, I hope you find them amusing. To know more about me click below.

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