A shade of blood, a shade of ash
Remind a time intriguing
Relation what of these, together?
Mind wonders on relation again

 Once upon a time, mind had a war
Between good & evil, ash & blood
A shade of grey, a shade of red
Never do the mix, never together

Tell me oh reader, remember yet?
The happiest moment with yourself
Without ash of enemy’s burnt insult
Without trance, close as blood’s forlorn love

Blood oh my blood haven’t you burnt
Enough in the fire of useless negativity
Ash oh ash of my burnt thoughts
In burning what does sensitivity seek of me?
Without though wings, ash you fly
Definitely catch you I will in fingers
To paint a portrait of hundred shades
In your honor blood, named it be

Do you see now, I do not hide!
Seek I sometimes again the memory
Of reader it is! Deep where hidden it is!
The thoughts of unforgotten love ancient
When the blood pumped redder than ever
Ash was just the grey of warm feeling
Swirling around the unnamed love
And relation not asked, not defined

Manali Bonde

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I have an unique eye to see, understand beauty in things around me. I collect lot of stories in my travels around the world , not just that but also I love to tell those stories and curious things. Go through various other articles on the website, I hope you find them amusing. To know more about me click below.

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