We are so used to stale thoughts that we don’t even realize it. Since birth we are advised to do, learn and think in a certain way that it becomes a standard for our life. These standards (from our traditions and society) become so important to us that we never question about the world beyond it. Is the world beyond so bad? Or good? How can anybody label it, if they have not  questioned about it. If they have not experienced it or even thought about it for a single second.

Even when we love and want to cuddle with someone, we want same as the latest movie showing in theater, with the standardized type of person, standardized situation and standardized pillow . And when our standardized expectations are not fulfilled we feel low and depressed thinking that there is something wrong with us.

Yes there is one thing wrong with us, we are not happy. And why we are not happy, because we depend on somebody else’s stale thoughts for our happiness. We don’t even have our values of happiness. We copy stale because it is easier. Eventually we also standardize our tone saying-she/ he/they said, that’s why! and conveniently blame others.

And we always point at others in whining tone like this painting and are chained forever to staleness. So do ask a question about another world.

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Manali Bonde

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I have an unique eye to see, understand beauty in things around me. I collect lot of stories in my travels around the world , not just that but also I love to tell those stories and curious things. Go through various other articles on the website, I hope you find them amusing. To know more about me click below.

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