Hole in the Roof

Acrylic on Canvas, August 2019

12″(W) x 18.4″(H)

Travel Series: Blue Rain Cambodia

Temples of Angkor were built in not one century. Every king built a new one from the period 9th to 15th century. Most of them would have Tall pointy roofs just like old churches. These roofs were built with mathematical precision to make you feel you can touch the sky. Some roofs now are broken from the top. On rainy days though it is not raining, roof keeps dripping to shower Buddha statue at the base.

In a way, connection to the sky is not severed instead it seems more prominent this way through the broken roof. Few drops make it all the way to the  bottom. Their transition from sky to the end is spectacular. Hole in the roof may sometimes seem like a deep dark well of water from which drops are trying to climb up to reach Buddha. For a moment it makes you wonder which way is up.

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