Lotus Leaves

Acrylic on Canvas, August 2019

8″(W) x 10″(H)

Travel Series: Blue Rain Cambodia

Khmer kings of Cambodia were amazing builders. Each king built extravagant structures and temples in his rule. Eventually their civilization collapsed and was forgotten for years. Their cities were based around rivers and huge artificial lakes, water-bodies which they had created for farming and fishing. These still exists. Some areas may now seem as land as they are covered with lotus flowers and leaves. There is something mystical about these lotuses. In Hindu and Buddhist culture they are treated as symbol for enlightenment and spirituality.

Buddha is sometimes depicted siting on or holding lotus flower. Murky waters around it represent the struggle and attachment of life. Flower represents overcoming those and taking a higher path. In all this we forget the leaves of the Lotus. They enable lotuses to rise. Every time it rains, they hold pure drops of water on their leaves, creating a distinction between murky and pure. These drops like dews represent hope for new beginning. A beginning leading to higher journey. Stillness of the leaves is important as well. It holds purity. I visited a spot with big lotus leaves in one of the lakes. It had rained and fresh drops were making small mirrors on the leaves.  Lotuses had not bloomed yet. I didn’t have to close my eyes to meditate. I just looked at them and sense of peacefulness crept over me.

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