Shadow of Phantom

Acrylic on Canvas, July 2019

18.5″(W) x 11.5″(H)

Travel Series: Blue Rain Cambodia

Phantom of the Opera is very well-known French play. It is praised for its exceptional music. I spent two days exploring entire area of Angkor, which lies in around in 400 area. Streets connecting these temples are covered with lush green trees and flora making intricate music same as the opera.

As Cambodia was a French colony you could see its tit-bits here and there. Mixture of two cultures is soft but heavy, same as the rain pattern in the painting. You can feel night rain even if you are not standing in it just by the sound. Then when you put a small lamp in the darkness real picture comes in front of you. Phantom can’t be seen in the daylight. His shadow gradually increases same as the orchestra made by frogs and insects rises in the rain. If you have seen this movie or read the book you could visualize Phantom walking with Christine daae helpless in his arms.

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