Acrylic on Canvas, August 2017

27.4″(W) x 34.1″(H)

Logos of Past and Future

Ardhnarishwara is combined form of Shiva and Sati. Samkhya philosophy introduces us with duality of nature. There are two realities one Purusha and another Shakti. These two are completely different from each other and they run in parallel ways.

Purusha is our soul, when joined with Shakti forms life. Samkhya philosophy dwelt with both possibilities God and No God. Some schools recognized the form of Shiva and his wife Sati as form of elemental duality. Shiva, name itself means body combined with energy. Here, in the painting combined form of Shiva and Sati is shown in earthy colors.

In this bondage when one overpowers another a certain mind attachment is created. When we get rid of this attachment, we attain liberation. Thus, instrument of liberation is shown in both hands. In Shiva’s hand is a Dumaroo whose sound makes us aware of the reality, where as in Sati’s hand is a weapon to destroy ignorance. Sati is shown in her true form as the cosmos which is responsible for commencement of the world. Behind them is the mandala representing fusion of Shiva and Sati. God Shiva is never worshipped alone in India. Union of Phallus and vulva is found in stone form inside temples. People also worship Statue of Ardhnarishwara reminding us of the Duality of nature.

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