Music of Krishna

Acrylic on Canvas, January 2016

22.2″(W) x 30.2″(H)

Logos of Past & Future

In society there is a common sentiment desired by everyone, that is to stand out among the crowd. It reflects on every action we take. However, most of us will still follow what is popular in hopes to be exceptional. For instance, there were guys in my class trying to impress certain girls. To achieve that, they would go and take guitar classes. Every guy from my age if you ask them do you know how to play guitar? Will answer, “May be a little” as he has taken guitar class at least once in his life. Girls liked guys who played guitar. Where did this come from, I wondered? Movies sure! I decided to  further back. Krishna most favorite god was famous for his flute music.

His intentions were not to impress anyone. He played his heart so much purely so that cows and animals besides girls would come and sit near him to enjoy the music. He would give pure joy to all those who listened.

People over the years try to recreate that feeling, through guitar or another musical instrument. This painting is representation of that feeling. Waterfall and starry night create the joyous atmosphere for Krishna to play his flute and pour his heart to listeners.

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