Acrylic on Canvas, September 2020

18.5″(W) x 12.7″(H)

Logos of Past & Future

This literally means chanting mantras in turns. In Kerala, I saw these amazing sights, where people would light thousands of small lamps on the temple walls and chant mantras from Vedas. If you hear these sounds, they don’t seem like the voices of different people. There is only one without any gender, caste, religion or any other man-made labels. There are classical dances and many cultural activities that create an atmosphere of praise for the oneness of the universe.

In the painting, I tried to represent the feeling of oneness through the shadow figure with a golden aura. We can’t know the caste or,- religion of that figure. The figure is dancing and- enjoying that oneness around the thousand lit lamps in the darkness of the night.


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