Eclipse Prayer

Acrylic on Canvas, May 2015

18.5″(W) x 17″(H)

Logos of Past & Future

According to Samkhya philosophy, there are three main qualities which form the web of the world: Sat, Raj, Tam. Sattvik lopes towards optimism and seeing always good in society. Tamasik leans toward opposite of Sattvik, these are pessimistic of the society. They are two side of the coins which can’t exist without each other. There is a third side explained in Upanishads, hence stating it is not a coin but always a pyramid. Third: Rajasik is a catalyst. It does not lean towards both but whichever side catches it, it amplifies them, provides fuel. World moves in cycle of this three one side rises and then collapses, then other side rises.

Too much optimism can lead into bad actions as well, because extreme optimists eventually fail to understand problems as they completely start ignoring them. Same applies for pessimistic. This painting displays all three trying to overshadow each other, instead they form an eclipse in Pointillistic technique. Yellow orange: Sattvik, Blue: Tamasik, Grey: Rajasik. Human being apart from each quality, praying for escape.

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