Acrylic on Canvas, October 2017

11″(W) x 19.5″(H)

Logos of Past & Future

Devi means goddess in Hindi. There are such rough times in our life from which we try to surface but find hard to cope with. In India, Devi is a source of energy who looks after well-being of her children. It is belief system which enables us to take positive steps despite disastrous conditions. Devi is the one when in wild form fights against evil and when in the form of mother nurtures us.

In this painting she has shown in front of Lakshmi Yatra, a goddess of well-being. She has her eyes closed to remind us that all we have to do is look inside us, believe in ourselves. Color combination is of passionate red orange and earthy brown representing her two sides. Her third eye like Shiva burns evil thoughts which make place in our mind. We have all seen her in one or other form unconsciously.

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