Infinite one

Acrylic on Canvas, July 2020

15.7″(W) x 26.5″(H)


What is the fastest thing in this world? A question was asked once to me. Scientifically I answered ‘light’ but then realized there is one more thing which is faster, that is Mind.

Mind can go in the past or in the future within seconds. It tends to think it doesn’t have any bounds but it does. This mandala depicts nature of mind. White gates of nothingness ahead are the bounds for the mind. In bottle green color is the are representing ignorance and possibility of unknown.

Ribbons in the shape of infinity is our mind constantly trying to break the gates of mandala at the corners. Spinning in yellow and various color sprays i.e. life experiences inside the mandala universe, they can’t understand emptiness of outside. No matter how much it tries without a proper teacher it can’t escape.

Thus, the name infinite one is apt.

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