Acrylic on Canvas, March 2020

8″(W) x 10″(H)


Buddhist tradition has 8 sacred symbols. One of them is a Knot. Knot in itself is a mandala. Thread through which knots are formed are the paths or choices we take. These paths coincide in each other and form an endless knot representing endless cycles of birth, death and rebirth.

There are also other various interpretations of Knot which uncover more positive side. One of them is related to Buddha. Since Knot has no beginning or end it also symbolizes wisdom of the Buddha. Here, I have depicted union of method and wisdom. Often, we get tangled in methods and wisdom of someone else.

We are in need to form our own knots solved only by us with methods and wisdom generated from self-discipline practices. Color orange is shown increasing in the knot from inside as a representation of slowly exploring our own choices and becoming more mature. Background is of blue ocean of samsara which is always present. Though Samsara is endless doesn’t mean we can arise from it.

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