Prithvi Mandala

Acrylic on Canvas, September 2017

21.8″(W) x 24.5″(H)


Prithvi meaning Earth is one of the solid elements. It is a symbol of stability. There are always tough times and we struggle to cope with them. Meditative use for this element is to build thriving and stable nature.

This mandala consists of different layers of earth. Outermost layer is of fine dust and sand dunes enclosing four gates of directions.

Inner layer is deeper than outer, covered with mud and common soil and waterlogged sand in blue found everywhere in the world. Gates are of gold, most desired metal produced by earth.

Inner second Mandala is colored in Green representing land under vegetation, farms and forests. It is part man-made, part natural. Inner most mandala is the man-made land of concrete.

Way is through innermost man-made concrete to outside, expanding our vision to the outermost layer of dessert.

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