Acrylic on Canvas, July 2022

12″(W) x 12″(H) each


These are the five basic elements which make the whole universe. In a way these individual-element mandalas when together make a universe mandala. The panch mahabutas are fire(Agni), water(Jal), air(Vayu), earth(Prithvi) and space(Avkash). In many south eastern philosophies Space is derived and not elemental, such as Charaka and  Buddhist have only four elements.

These elements can be meditated upon separately, considering their characteristics with our personality. Jal element can be used for a person who needs flexibility and dynamics. Mandalas have always been used in yogic school for mastering self. Art of mastering elements is called Bhuta Shuddhi. Seven Chakra according to the yogic science is associated to this elements. Meditating one by one on this chakra, makes us self aware following is a chart of the characteristics’ relation to chakras.

Chakra Bhoota Characteristic
Muladhara Chakra Prithvi Stability, Support
Swadhishthan Chakra Jal Joy, Well-being
Manipura Chakra Agni Wisdom, Power
Anahata Chakra Vayu Compassion
Vishuddha Chakra Akash Trust, Creativity
Ajna Chakra Akash Knowledge, Intuition, Dignity
Sahasrara Chakra Akash Oneness

My artworks are available in sets of five but it is possible to buy only one as well. They are also available on paper. You can order as per your requirement and if little customizations is needed let me know prior.

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